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golf windshirtsProbably the element that golfers dread the most, windy conditions, are inevitable and impossible to control. Every golfer has experienced the thrill of a dead-solid perfect tee shot, and then lived through the agony of defeat as they watch the wind buffet their ball into either tall grass, woods or worse, water. We can’t do much about Mother Nature’s whims, but with the right golf windshirts, at least you’ll remain unaffected by the wind as you trudge after your errant shot.

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Golf Windshirts – Review

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Armani’s 100% Polyester EA7 Fashion Wind Jacket exhibits all of the qualities that make Armani one of the world’s foremost sportswear manufacturers. This fully windproof garment is right at home both on the course and anywhere else. Featuring the Armani EA7 tour logo prominently displayed on the back, and contrasting yellow detailing on both the zipper and two front pockets, the EA7 will show your opponents a touch of class even as you take that stroke penalty.

Backtee hasn’t been around as long as many other golfwear manufacturers, but that doesn’t prevent them from producing some outstanding golf gear. Their eye-catching Long Sleeve Windshirt should have a prominent slot in every golfer’s bag. This ultra-lightweight garment is appropriate year-round, and effortlessly keeps the howling wind at bay as you line up that important birdie putt.

One of the Greg Norman Pro Series Collection standouts is the 1/4 Zip Wind Vest. The patented, innovative PlayDry technology provides excellent moisture-wicking capability, and you know if it says “Greg Norman,” quality and stylishness is guaranteed. Water resistant and fully mesh-lined, the 1/4 Zip Wind Vest is one of the more popular golf windshirts on the market.

Europe’s premiere junior golf accessories manufacturer, Young Gun, caters specifically to junior golfers. Their Deluxe Junior Golf Windshirt features a fashionable half-sleeve design, and the Teflon-coated fabric makes it resistant to both wind and rain. Versatile enough to allow young golfers freedom of movement, but stylish enough to satisfy even the most demanding of “fashion-conscious” junior, surprise your “Young Gun” with one of these and watch them smile appreciatively.

Vesatility is the hallmark of the Oscar Jacobson Featherlight Windjacket. Windproof as well as ultra-resistant to water, this exceptional golf windshirt provides extreme comfort and the elasticated cuffs and hem, along with the soft lining on the inner collar will make golfers forget they have it on.

Golfers on every continent are raving about the Ping Collection Reeves Men’s Golf Windshirt. Providing top-flight golfwear for over a half-century, the designers at Ping are on top of their game with this sophisticated, yet remarkably simple, 100% Polyester windshirt. Wind and water-resistant, the Reeves features a zip neck, detailed colour-contrasting piping and a shockcord hem.

Never one to overlook any aspect of golfwear, the always-diligent designers at Nike have another “mega-hit” on their already considerable hit list with the Nike Golf Short Sleeve Advanced Windshirt. Windproof, waterproof and highly breathable, this short-sleeved golf windshirt features single welt-front pockets and zip, and with 100% Polyester construction, comfort is a no-brainer.

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