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Advice on buying Golf Trolleys

So, you have purchased your golf clubs, paid for your lessons and your off on your journey as a golfer. Probably what the sales brochures do not tell you is that carrying a set of golf clubs around a course is pretty hard work in itself.

Carrying a bag laden with a dozen or so golf clubs, plus a good supply of golf balls, plus the weight of the bag, which has to be made of sturdy material to hold the previously mentioned heavy items, and you have yourself quite a heavy weight to take with you. By the time you have hit your first ball, your shoulders already feel as though they have had a workout.

You could, if you wish, organise yourself a caddy, but for many people, that is not a usual option. Apart from having to find someone to do the job, you then have to make sure you can afford to pay them, and that they are a suitable person to be seen with by your friends and fellow golfers!

Push Pull Golf Trolleys

The other option is to get yourself a golf trolley. There are two main options. Firstly, there is the pull along manual cart. Alternatively, you can purchase a motorised version. Basically, they do the same thing. Modern trolleys are ergonomically designed to make sure that you can transport your clubs with the minimum of stress on your body.

Electric Golf Trolleys

Electric golf trolleys are the other option. Although similar in design to the manual trolley, they house a small on board motor and battery. Batteries are chargeable, and come with a range of top speeds to suit your individual budget.

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