Golf Travel

Golf travel is an industry which is growing year on year, as increasing numbers of people fall in love with the game. Because of this there are some great packages and deals available. Figures from the US show that one in eight travellers played golf whilst on holiday over the past year. That’s as much as 17.3 million adults, furthermore, golfing travellers went on an average of 2.6 trips over the past year and 10% of the people who enjoyed a golf holiday went on at least six trips! If that’s not obsession, we don’t know what it is.

In fact, according to US statistics 16% of travellers said golf was their main reason for taking a holiday, whilst 55% described golf as not really a priority but just an enjoyable activity to take part in when they were away. If you’re thinking of going on a great golfing holiday then you could potentially use some tips on where to go.

Here are just a few of the top golfing locations around the world:

US – Pine Valley Golf Club, Clemeton, New Jersey, USA
The dream of ambitious hotelier; George Crump, the course was sadly only finished after he had passed away. Pine Valley is recognised as one of the best courses in the world and it is widely admired for its outstanding layout. Originally the course opened in 1919 but it took three years before anyone got around it in 70 stokes and it was soon a world renowned challenge for hardened golfers. This is an expensive course with an interesting history but somewhere that every golfer should play at least once in their lifetime.

Scotland – Turnberry, Ayreshire, Scotland
One of the most picturesque Open Championship courses and described by some as Scotland’s ‘pebble beach.’ The rocky ridges and stunning views make the location a beautiful place to visit for any reason, let alone a game of golf. Originally established in 1902 the jauntily named Willie Fernie of Troon was paid a handsome commission by the third Marquess of Aisla to create the enormous golf course. Described by many as a ‘must-play’ course it can be a little bit magical and the signature hole nicknamed ‘Bruce’s Castle’ is so named because you’ll pass the breath taking ‘Robert the Bruce’s’ ruined castle when you play it.

Australia – Royal Melbourne, Black Rock, Victoria, Austrailia
Designed by Dr Alister Mackenzie and never seen by him in its finished form, the Royal Melbourne opened for play in 1931. It’s a visually stunning and magnificent course which is another must-play for any visitor to Oz. Renowned golfers such as Tom Doak commented on the high quality of the golf architecture and he famously said that US designers could learn a thing or two from Australian courses because of undulating lawns like those at the Royal Melbourne.

Italy – Golf Club Biella, Valcarozza, Magnano, Italy
Known locally as ‘Le Betulle’ this Northern Italian course was founded in 1958 and was designed by the English architect John Morrison. Regarded as one of Italy’s finest golf courses the Biella measures 1,497 metres and is a fun challenge for seasoned golfers. There are bunkers, rocky outcrops, patches of forest and a few streams and ponds. The 16th hole is set on a high point, ironically providing a ‘high point’ to any good Mediterranean golfing holiday.

What to Pack

If you’re going to set off on a well-earned golf trip think carefully about what to pack and take with you. If you’re planning to take your own golf clubs with you make sure that you take them in a good quality golf travel bag cover to protect your prized assets.

Be sure to check the weather when you’re choosing where to reserve games and pack plenty of sunscreen if you’re going to hot climes, several hours in the sun can sting. Despite the blazing sun, it’s also a good idea to wear long sleeves and trousers, preferably of very light material. This is something you see a lot of on the pro tours in hot regions.

If you are taking a partner or friends with you on holiday (who aren’t interested in golf) remember to be considerate and help them to plan activities whilst you play. It makes sense to do this is in advance because you’ll feel a lot less guilty about neglecting them and can concentrate more easily on holing those all important birdie putts!