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Advice on buying Golf Travel Bags

There can be fewer things more appealing to the British golfer than the opportunity to spend a few days playing their sport in warmer climes. Golfing holidays are becoming increasingly popular offering opportunities to see new places, take a break from home, and of course try out some new golf courses. It is important, however, that a golfer’s equipment is protected whilst in transit. There are a number of travel bags, cases and covers available to ensure that golfers need not worry about the effects of travelling on their belongings, allowing them to journey in peace as their equipment does likewise.

Golf Travel Bags

Available from around £70, the Ogio Straight Jacket Golf Travel Cover is recommended and features a compression straps to ensure that everything packed remains fastened in place. Providing plenty of packing space, the Ogio Straight Jacket is also comfortable to carry once the destination has been reached.

The BagBoy Travel Bag range meanwhile are handy travel bags that are easy to transport and offer plenty of extra compartment space besides your clubs: BagBoy T 450 available from £49.95; and BagBoy T 8 available from £79.95.

When it comes to club protection, ease of use and storage space, however, the Porterline Excursion Traveller Golf Bag is hard to beat. For £69.95, this bag has space for 14 clubs, which are protected by internal steel rings, as well as room for other golfing items such as score cards, umbrellas and water carriers – all inside a bag that is durable yet lightweight.

Golf Travel Hard Cases

Providing a more robust solution to golfing transportation, golf travel cases are heavier than travel bags when moving around, however, their tough exteriors allow more peace of mind when travelling with a lot of expensive equipment. The Longridge Heavy Duty Hard Case Travel Cover, available at £80, is a tough nut to crack and comes with a lifetime guarantee demonstrating confidence in its protective abilities.

Meanwhile, the and BagBoy T 10 available from £99.95; offers the best of both worlds. It combines heavy Duty Protection at the top with a more traditional travel cover below offering extra compartment space. Available for £99.99.

Golf Travel Trolley Covers

There are a number of good quality trolley travel covers available for protection around the course, from the big golfing brands such as Powakaddy. For £20, the Powakaddy Trolley Travel Cover Bag is a great value trolley cover which is easy to manoeuvre around the course. Similarly, there’s trolley travel covers available for the Hill Billy with the Hill Billy Trolley Travel Cover and Motocaddy with the Motocaddy Trolley Travel Cover both for around £20.

There are plenty of options to choose from for transporting golfing equipment safely, ensuring the longevity of clubs and the stress-free travel of golfers.

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