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Golf is a difficult enough game to excel in under even the best of conditions, so it stands to reason that the last thing a golfer needs when bopping around the course is to catch a chill. The prepared, savvy golfer knows this and has added any of a number of golf sweaters to his “toolkit.”

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Golf Sweaters – Review

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Chervo Sports Polepole Golf Sweater provides not only protection from chilly winds and the occasional drizzle, but does so while offering a stylish look that is certain to draw more than a few admiring glances.
Incredibly durable and long-lasting, the Polepole utilises a unique manufacturing technique in which IsoBlast fibres are intertwined with base fibres, making the garment nearly indestructible. The Aqua-Drop finish provides not only waterproofing, but also is resistant to staining.

For a dazzling look on the links, the Galvin Green Caine Golf Sweater is guaranteed to make any golfer the envy of their foursome. This knitted Wool/Acrylic blended golf sweater pullover features a V-neck and offers the ultimate in comfort. Its distinctive Intarsia design is tri-coloured in Black/Brilliant Blue and White. Available in sizes Small, X-Large and XX-Large.

Golfers are flocking to get their hands on an Ian Poulter Design Stripe Trim V-Neck Jumper Blueberry Golf Sweater, and once you’ve seen one, it’s easy to understand why. Made of 100% Pima Cotton, this stylish garment is remarkably durable and the comfort is off the charts. A contrasting coloured stripe accentuates the neckline, while the embroidered “IJP” logo completes this fashionable golf sweater.

There was a time when having the Lacoste Crocodile logo was essential. Golfers are re-discovering the benefits of Lacoste Golfwear, and a very popular item is the Lacoste AH1523 Sport V-Neck Pullover. This ultra-stylish pullover is made of a Wool blend and is mid-grade knit. Providing both warmth and comfort, this item is available in sizes 36-48.

For a casual yet fashionable look, the Peter Scott Lamora Merino V-Neck Sweater is tough to beat. Consisting of a unique blend of Australian Merino Wool and a hard-to-find Angora fibre, the Lamora Merino is incredibly luxurious and soft, akin to Cashmere. At home both on the course and out on the town, this garment is among the best-looking golf sweaters you’ll find anywhere.

Tommy Hilfiger signifies the pinnacle of fashion and the Golf Vince V-Neck Arg Sweater continues that trend. Made of 100% soft Cotton, Hilfiger’s Vince features a V-neck rib knit and is amazingly comfortable. Adorned with a distinctive diamond pattern front and the Hilfiger Heritage embroidered logo, fashionable golfers know looking that way is unavoidable when wearing Tommy Hilfiger.

“Cutting-edge” golfers are always on the lookout for the absolute latest, trendiest attire, and many are making their way to Armani’s Fashion Hood White Golf Sweater. This intricately designed garment provides golfers with comfort and reliability while playing a round, and is also right at home far from the course. The large Armani EA7 logo on the chest is accentuated by the White and Navy colouring on the sleeves and collar.

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