Golf Societies

A golf society could help you to hone your golfing skills, have fun and save money! There are thousands of golf societies throughout the UK and they all have a few simple aims; to bring people who love golf together, allow them to share experiences with one another and to help golfers socialise. You can also get cheaper games and various discounts and freebies from some societies and websites.

Setting up a Golf Society Website

It’s a good idea to offer your members a website to make it easier to arrange future events and reflect on past ones. A website is great when you want to present awards and helps to provide a forum for golfers to discuss different courses and their own experiences.

You can make your own website independently or use tools like the ones which UK Golf Society provide to full members. Then you can create emails to send to member mailing lists. Members can also develop their own golfing profiles (with photographs) on the site and you can display automatically-calculated golfing league tables.

In fact, you can really build a professional looking site. Especially if you include fixture lists and a summary of events! If you have a busy society, why not add a news section? Or if you host regular events why not keep a photo gallery? Getting a website together could make a big difference to your local golf society and help you to celebrate your games.

Society Benefits

Golf courses love golf societies because they ensure good quality custom and societies often use the adjacent pro-shops for new clubs, bags and other pieces of golfing equipment. With this in mind a lot of great offers are available to golfing societies which you wouldn’t be eligible for on your own.

You can book golf courses online through websites to get money off events and also arrange special trips (including hotels and transportation) online too! Then, you can add the details to events pages effortlessly.

Setting up a Society

If you’re thinking of setting up and running your own golf society, here are a few tips:

  • Member Numbers – You’ll need at least 10 players for it to really be recognised as a golf society and to be able to get the best offers and deals. It’s also important to have this many players so that you can make some fun league tables and have a real sense of competition.
  • Society Rules – Rules are essential; they dictate how members are admitted to the society and how competitions are played. For example, you may charge membership fees or charge refundable deposits for events. Perhaps members must be admitted via committee approval or only by invitation from other members? The rules are worth thinking about. The same goes for competitions; you’ll need very specific details for these.
  • Prizes and Awards – You must highlight what types of awards and prizes are given out for different events and how you win them!
  • Location – You need a base or a regularly used golf course location. If you have any problems with travelling you can specify a set number of miles (no more than 40 miles, for example.) You can also include information on catering and facilities.