Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

As anyone enthusiastic golfer knows, golf is a sport that requires a great deal of practise to perfect that technique, which can be endlessly tweaked to develop beautiful swings that can produce accurate and controlled shots. Given the massive difference tiny changes can make, every little detail counts and one piece of equipment that can hugely improve a golfer’s game, perhaps a little surprisingly, is their footwear. Especially with materials and innovative technologies which seem to be rapidly being developed and built upon, a great pair of golf shoes can work wonders in a number of areas of your game. Golf shoes can not only provide plenty of comfort – something which cannot be understated given how far a golfer will walk in a round of golf – but through their grip and design can offer players support and stability in their stance and swing.

Having a truly firm footing can be the factor on which a good shot hinges and, considering that many swings reach around 100 miles per hour, the last thing you will want is to slip when attempting a shot. Good golf shoes then also provide security and help golfers avoid slipping, strains and sprains.

Buying a Pair of Golf Shoes

Buying golf shoes can be a fairly costly experience, but given the expert and extensive designing and technology invested in their making, this should not be a great surprise. Considering the effect a good pair of shoes has on some people’s performance, a fairly high cost should not discourage golfers too much in purchasing quality golf shoes.

A fairly obvious, but essential, point to make regarding choosing golf shoes is to ensure that they really fit your feet. Comfort is an important factor in golfing footwear, perhaps more so than in any other sport, as golfers will walk miles in a round. For this reason, advanced materials and designs can be very beneficial. These innovative technologies can provide heat and moisture control to keep your feet in good condition, whilst also offering a snug fit. Golf shoes these days also look more athletic and modern, moving away from the traditional style, and this allows them to give better comfort, control and grip.

Wearing Golf Shoes

Golf shoes, like any other piece of high-tech sports equipment, have to be cherished and looked after if they are to serve you well for a long time. There are a number of things to do that can help extend their life and help you get the most out of your golfing footwear in general.

As with certain other types of shoes, letting them dry out completely before wearing them will help them last longer. Golf shoes can take a day or so to totally dry out after being worn and having more than one pair of golf shoes can allow you to rotate your shoes. If a pair of shoes are getting a little aged and are perhaps looking a little worse for wear or seem to have lost their springiness, it may be time to check them properly. Some shoes have warranties and wearing shoes once they have lost their qualities could be detrimental to your game. One way to check your shoes and keep them healthy is to regularly take care of the cleats by cleaning them and making sure they still offer satisfactory traction.

Innovations and Technology Behind Modern Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have come incredibly far in recent years from the traditional and classic gentlemen’s style that defined them for so long. Golf shoes have, in some sense, ceased to be just pieces of footwear, but have become potentially game-changing, high-tech pieces of sports equipment. This is all thanks to the resources that have gone into developing technologies, materials and designs of golf shoes.

Golf shoes are now more comfortable than ever and certain waterproof technologies and venting capabilities of the materials and designs ensure the shoes will keep feet warm and dry. Different styles and leathers with special moulding abilities also manage to maintain impressive comfort for golfers in all playing conditions. Intelligently designed spikes and patterns provide better surface traction and the innovations have allowed modern golf shoes to last longer and undergo more miles.

Some shoes even have a so-called suspension system where each spike can move independently. In this way, the whole shoe adapts to the conditions and the surfaces on which it lies providing great traction. These comfortable and lightweight models virtually remove the danger of slipping from both walking around a golf course between shots and when taking a 100 mile per hour swing at the ball.