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The game of golf is one of fine margins. A subtle slip here, too tight a grip on the club or taking your eye off the ball for that vital second can mean the difference between the perfect execution or a horrific shank. Having a good grip in the ground is essential if your stance, and therefore your swing, will be secure and comfortable.

Slightly less technical, but vitally important nonetheless, is that you will be walking around and spending a great deal of time in your golf shoes so they need to be comfortable and durable.

One of the first choices to make in narrowing down what to buy is choosing between a pro, classic or sport look. What look do you want: Pro, Classic or Sports?

Pro Look

Any seasoned pro will tell you that no matter how many hours you put into honing your craft in the range or on the course, its counts for naught unless allied with strong mental strength. Playing like the pros is very hard, however looking like them is achievable and affordable, and for many an aspiring or casual golf player it may give you the extra motivation or edge you need to up your game to the next level, or spend that extra hour practicing.

We stock footwear worn by many of the world’s top golfers. Rory Mclroy is the newly appointed king of golf and expected by betting sites as a favourite to be the sixth ever career Grand Slammer if he wins the US open. Invoke your inner Mclroy by wearing his Nike Mens Lunar Command shoes. We also stock the Oakley Carbon Pro Golf footwear worn by fan’s favourite Bubba Watson when he won his last of two Master’s title, among many more.

Classic Look

If you’re a traditionalist and like to look classy and traditional then you’ll want to consider the classic offerings from Footjoy, Ecco, Callaway and Stuburt

At the top end of the market sit the elite premium shoes worn by tour players. It doesn’t get any better than this: Footjoy FJ Icons, Ecco World Class, Ecco Classics, Callaway Tour Authentic and Stuburt Darren Clarke Collection.

If you’re budget doesn’t quite extend to the elite offerings above but you still want a classic look then you should look at the extensive range of Footjoys first. There’s something there for every budget: Footjoy Dryjoys, Footjoy Contour, Footjoy Softjoys, Footjoy AQLs all have a traditional look.

A couple of other really nice looking classic shoes are Nike Tour Premium and towards the sportier end of the classic spectrum Stuburt Helium Tour, Callaway XTT and Nike Air Zoom Trophy.

Sports Look

If you prefer a sporty look then you won’t be disappointed with the huge range of sports cross-over footwear to choose from.

Footjoy and Adidas battle it out on tour for the No.1 sports golf shoe with the Footjoy SYNR G, Adidas Adipure, Adidas Adipure Nuovo and Adidas Tour 360 4.0. If you want a more youthful funky sports shoe then consider the Puma Cell Fusion and Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods.

If you’re budget doesn’t quite extend to the elite offerings above but you still want a sports look then you should look at the Footjoy FJ Sport, Footjoy LoPro, Adidas Powerband 3.0 and the Nike Air Zoom Elite.

Mens golf shoes come in many makes, including Footjoy, Stuburt and Hi-Tec. Most sizes are catered for, and a lot of shoes offer a full 2 year waterproof guarantee.

Ladies’ shoes are much the same, but of course run into smaller sizes. The main make in this section are Adidas, who as well as offering the expensive, Torsion and Climacool models (among others) also offer a basic budget shoe that costs only £25.

Junior golf shoes are again, dominated by the high quality Adidas and Footjoy shoe makers. Footjoys especially seem to be very affordable shoes at a good low price, and their range offers many different styles and colours.

Speaking of Footjoy, it is worth looking at them in some detail, as they are a pre-eminent make, marketing themselves as the “no.1 shoe and glove in golf”. From cheaper models such as the Footjoy AQL to the more expensive and exclusive Footjoy “Dryjoys”, they are a brilliant choice if you are looking for quality footwear.

Another good make are Ecco. Ecco are a general footwear company that also turned their attention to golf, and they offer some very funky types of shoes, with orange being a favoured colour! They also do a good range ladies golf shoes too.

Finally comes the global behemoth that is Adidas. It is obvious by now that Adidas provide stylish, cool, good quality sportswear across a variety of sports. They do ranges of mens, ladies and juniors and the shoes are often at excellent prices too.

All the above ranges and makes are available through this site, so dump that old, ragged footwear and get yourself into a new, comfortable pair. Don’t think of it as a treat, think of it as an essential step in improving your game; in that way, the golf widow (or widower) in your life might not be quite so put out by your purchase!

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