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Golf, as a hobby, often goes way beyond the realms of the enjoyment and becomes an almost pathological fixation with perfection. Golf is a highly technical game, which requires dedication and an unswerving passion for practise, otherwise no distinct improvement can ever be sought.

Along with this comes a fascination with the tools of a golfer’s craft, and as such the amount of golf review sites on the internet has burgeoned in recent times. Discussions over clubs, balls, tees, clothes, any aspect of golf paraphernalia is the lifeblood of these sites and as such you might need a guide to these sites. Et voila, here is an article attempting to do just that.

Review Sites

The first site under consideration is the straightforwardly named which, as you can imagine, reviews golf gear. At first glance the site can appear a little daunting, as it leaves no stone unturned. The site reviews clubs, clothes and even courses, and there is a lively forum full of golfers chatting about their passion.

What is unique about this golf review site is that the reviews are submitted, by and large, by fellow golfers. In this way, you can be sure that it is people like yourself, namely paying customers who want value and performance, that will be remarking on the gear. This should lead to honest reviews you can trust, which is a real boon for the site, as people will keep coming back to something they trust. The site also hosts a news section, which has all developments on new models and performance of certain clubs and things, which is also very useful.

Another good golf review site is a slightly more specific one, at As the name suggests (there is a theme developing of straightforward names with these sites isn’t there?), the site is first and foremost about the rating and slating of golf clubs. As you can imagine, the golf club is the tool that is most cherished by the golfer, and it is integral to have clubs you both trust and are comfortable with. Furthermore, with the expense of some of the best clubs, it is vital to ascertain whether or not shelling out on that special club will be worth your effort and, more importantly, your money.

This golf review site also hosts an index of links that can help, with reviews and the best places to buy whatever it is you’re after part of those lists.

One further golf review site worthy of a mention is golfalot, which labels itself as “the definitive golf website”, and at first glance it would seem hard to argue with this. Among other things are instruction, including videos, on how to improve your game, engines for comparing prices of equipment in different parts of the world, as well as competitions and betting advice, extremely handy if you like a flutter on golf.

The review part of the site is especially good however, with all sorts of equipment covered, from all types of clubs to apparel and footwear too. There is also a section on courses, with information on different areas and reviews of the courses. The site aims to be informed and correct, and this commitment to honesty and excellence can only be good for the user.

The final site under scrutiny is which, like the others, is a mix up instructional tips and tricks, reviews and general golf news. There is also a special area where members can submit their reviews of golf gear, everything from balls to clubs, to bags and clothes, and there is even an area specifically about women’s clubs. These member reviews, as explained above, are a lot more trustworthy, and are therefore extremely useful to the golfer on a budget trying to find the best they can afford.

The site is also home to a busy forum, where golfers swap tips and banter, and a type of market place where you can exchange, buy and sell second hand equipment to fellow golf enthusiasts. In this way, you might be able to find yourself a bargain on the site.

All this of course works in favour of the golfer, who can go on golf review sites such as these and potentially save money on unsound purchases or outlays. Of course, the real talent lies with the golfer themselves, but good tools can help accentuate and improve your skills, and golf review sites such as the ones mentioned save time and money for many players.

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