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golf o max 2for1 vouchers france review

Golfers in France, or golfers planning to holiday in France, have a marvelous opportunity available to them with the Golf O Max voucher book, the leader in French golf discounting. With over 400 participating courses across not only France but also with selected locations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Morocco, Portugal and Spain, Golf O Max offers its’ customers substantial discounts on greens fees as well as on some other special services such as accomodations and meals. With over half of France’s golf courses as clients, finding a suitable venue for any golfer’s specific requirement is remarkably simple.

The 2011 Golf O Max voucher book is valid from January 1 through December 31, 2011 and contains over 1,000 detachable vouchers. The book’s discounts range from 2-for-1 greens fees, 3-for-2 greens fees, 25% to 50% discount per single greens fees, or advertised visitor greens fees discounts. Each participating course offers between two to four discount vouchers per book.

The voucher book is not designated as solely for the buyer, meaning any vouchers not redeemed can be passed along to golfing friends or family planning either an upcoming break or simply wanting to get in a round of golf. What better holiday gift for the golfer in your life?

Using the book is simple: Present the Golf O Max voucher book at the selected course (with coupons attached, please; detached coupons may be invalidated), pay the discounted greens fees and/or other available discounted services, the club representative will detach the appropriate coupon(s), and all that’s left is to tee off.

Perhaps you don’t speak French? Cela n’a pas d’importance! The Golf O Max book and vouchers, although printed in French, are easily translated by using the easy reference dictionary provided on the Golf O Max website. Alsoon the website is a helpful guide to detailed conditions pertaining to each individual participating club.

These are just a few of the benefits available by using the Golf O Max voucher book. In addition to those already mentioned; there are no membership fees; the book is valid for the entire calendar year, and there’s no limit on the number of books that can be purchased. There is no limit to how often you can play, and with over 400 courses to choose from, the only restriction is what you place on yourself.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the Golf O Max voucher book is the incredible savings you’ll enjoy. With an average savings of nearly £20 per coupon, the coupons will pay for itself after a mere 36 holes of some of the most enjoyable golf imaginable.

With the new season fast approaching, what better holiday gift for the golfer in your life?

For more detailed information including participating courses, along with prices and any other questions you may have, and to get your voucher book before the holidays, visit

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