Golf News Sites

As with many things on the internet, there is a great proliferation of news sites specifically dedicated to the game that bulldog leader Winston Churchill insisted ruined a good walk. Golf has always been a popular sport, if more for the actual player than the spectator and in this information age people demand their news as quick and up to date as possible.

With this backdrop, this article will intend to assess some of the golf news sites available to the golf fan, and assess whether they are any good or not. Simple really, and by using a rigorously scientific approach (i.e. type “golf news” into Google and browse the sites) we begin with Auntie Beeb’s offering.

The layout of the BBC website is the first thing you notice, as with any website. There are sparse splashes of colour and a lot of white background, making it appear airy and accessible. The content is nothing if not thorough too, with all the latest news subdivided into separate, easy to find sections and a dedicated, if sporadically updated, golf blog. The site also works as a good starting point, a jump off to other sites whose links are set alongside the articles themselves.

The BBC also have, as they do with many of their sports sites, a section for coaching tips and tricks, with help from the professionals that can be essential in a game of such high technical standards. In all, the BBC golf site is, characteristically for the BBC, slick and informative, if lacking a little in colour and humour.

The next golf site under the microscope is The “365 brand” is one that is splashed all over the internet, with other very successful avenues in their media group including Cricket365,, Planet F1 and Planet Rugby, with the jewel in the crown being the excellent

The 365 tag is indicative of a journalistic, yet lighthearted and humorous look at whatever the subject of the site is. Golf365 is no different, and again the first thing to note is the layout. The site presents a slick, modern look, resplendent in a hue of almost British racing green, green being an apt colour for the sport in question. The site is also very much indicative of “new media”, with the straight journalistic copy framed by a large number of picture galleries and a dedicated channel called Golf365tv, which runs golf news bulletins on a player embedded in the website itself.

Reader input is also a big thing with the site, with a busy forum hosted by the site and a lively mailbox made up of emails sent in to the site. Features and blogs are also put up with good regularity. Golf365 should really be considered the premier choice if you are looking for an entertaining golf site without stinting on quality.

The two aforementioned sites are the ones that pop up in most searches and which carry a lot of weight. However, another golf news site is a more official one, the Professional Golfers’ Association website at The site is very much a straight-up news site, with all the latest stories from the world of golf featured. The best things on the site are the features, which are often of a high quality and extremely timely, with interviews with big players and the like.

One of the feature sections is called “Game Improvement” which, as the name cleverly suggests, is there to improve your game. It features professionals working on specific areas of the game, such as putting or driving. It goes without saying that this area of the site would be invaluable to golfers, who are often almost pathologically driven to improve their own standard.

The last site under consideration is mainly aimed at the UK, and is the website of Golf News, a free monthly golfing newspaper that also hosts its editions on the site. The paper is released in geographical editions, for both north and south, and covers the most important stories with additional features.

What is unique is that the site is not a news site in itself but hosts a digital version of the paper. This means you can have all the functionality of a paper with the ease of viewing it whenever. The paper has the normal news stories you would expect, but also features and interviews with big players and golf personalities, making it essential reading for any golf nut.

So, in all, there is a good choice of golf news sites out there on the vast world wide web, ranging from straight-up news like BBC and Reuters with specific golf news sites as part of their sites, to golf news sites with more levity, such as The newspaper style of Golf News also lends itself to ease of use and is as mentioned above, a must read for anyone interested in the golfing world.