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I’ve got to say that out of all the Golf GPS Rangefinder devices on the market right now my favourite has got to be the Golf GPS Watch. This review looks at the current Golf GPS Watches available in the UK, and why you might choose a gps watch over a traditional handheld gps rangefinder or Golf Laser Rangefinders.

Golf GPS Watches – Best UK Price

So, first up watch Golf GPS Watches are available in the UK? And were can I get the best deals? Garmin, Bushnell, Skycaddie, IZZO Swami, EasyGreen and Golf Buddy all make golf gps watches.

Golf GPS Watches or Golf GPS Rangefinder?

There has been a kind of natural selection process taking place in the Golf GPS space over the last couple of years.”Neil Peters
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Having used both a golf GPS watch and Golf GPS Rangefinder recently, my preference is a gps watch. I’ve always played with a watch, normally a Garmin runners watch, so wearing a watch during play doesn’t bother me at all. This might be an issue for some so it’s worth thinking about that. However, given that all the golf GPS watches are very lightweight this wont be a an issue for most golfers.

There has been a kind of natural selection process taking place in the Golf GPS space over the last couple of years. Some of the devices were getting too busy, and there’s been a move towards producing a simple interface that doesn’t get in the way of playing golf. For me that’s were the watch wins. It gives you three simple numbers (yardages) at all times to front, middle and back. It’s on your wrist so getting yardages is as simple as rolling your wrist over.

It’s also a very attractive looking sports watch, so you can wear it as an everyday watch.

Golf GPS Watches or Laser Rangefinder?

Choosing between a Golf GPS Watch and a laser rangefinder is a little more difficult to determine. Some golfers like the ease of use of a GPS and just want to know the yardage. However, some golfers are far more visually orientated and prefer being able to zoom in on there target with there own eye. Some say that this provides a much higher level of target awareness in the golfer than a simple GPS yardage can ever do. This is certainly backed up the number of low handicappers and professionals who prefer to use a laser rangefinder.

However, a laser is certainly more fiddly to use, particularly in windy conditions, and can’t really help you on blind shots. Most recreational golfers will be perfectly happy with a Golf GPS Watch. While aspiring low handicappers may prefer the visual approach of a laser rangefinder.

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