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What is a golf forum?

Golf forums are bulletin boards in the form of discussion sites. Golf forums are web applications managing user-generated content. They consist of a group of registered members, who submit golfing topics for discussion (threads) and communicate with each other via posts (publicly visible messages). Golf forums allow anonymous non-members to view the content, but not to contribute to the forum. Members of golf forums often bond well with each other and interest groups form around the discussion of a particular golfing topic. The most common areas on golf forums include debates on current golfing issues, questions and opinion polls. Personal opinions, rather than informative or documented opinions tend to dominate tend to dominate most golfing forums. Replies tend to question other contributors’ points of view, so discussions tend to become tangential to the main topic. One of the best golf forums is Today’s Golfer. The forum has in excess of 160,000 members, with about 10,000 topics under discussion at any one time. As well as general golf chat and advice, the forum includes general golf discussions, the latest golf news, golf instruction and training drills, equipment reviews, course and accommodation reviews, along with a Fantasy Golf League.

Golf Shake
Golf Forums, Events and Communities – An online community of golfers and groups. It provides golfers with a free handicap and score tracking service, and groups with a comprehensive system for managing every aspect of their groups, including tracking their scores, organising events and posting results, news and chat.

Golf forum users

The advantage of golf forums is that they are written by golfers. As a result, reviews of equipment, courses and instructional aids are unbiased. Advertisers will, by definition, adopt a subjective approach to any new product, so their latest piece of kit is the best thing since sliced bread, that is a “must have” for every golfer. By contrast, contributors to golf forums will have used the equipment and played the courses. As they have nothing to gain, it stands to reason that their opinions will be objective and user reviews are more likely to highlight the minuses than the plusses. Such information can prove invaluable to prospective purchasers wishing to make an informed choice.

Golf forum readers / contributors

Golfers are renowned for having opinions on just about everything connected with the game, however misguided or ill informed. Golf forums provide a suitable outlet for these opinions. Players have the opportunity to praise their favourite pro to the heavens, or tell others that the course they recently played is superb (or rubbish). The same goes for the latest equipment offerings, which some may find excellent, while other players consider them a waste of money. Other contributors may use golf forums simply to tell others of the love for the game. There is also a certain thrill in seeing your own pictures and videos displayed in glorious technicolour on an Internet website. Obviously, opinions on most subjects vary widely amongst contributors, leading to some lively debates, which make entertaining reading.

Advantages of golf forums

Guides and Tips
Golf forums offer golfing guides and tips on technique for players of all abilities. The Golf Magic forum is excellent from this perspective. It has in the region of 80,000 members and some in excess of 2600 posts devoted to instructional guides and tips, covering every possible aspect of the game. The forum also has over 4000 product reviews, as well as links to UK, European and worldwide “travel partners.”

Most golf forums contain a large range of articles on a variety of golfing topics. Along with general articles on the game, these may include details of forthcoming golf tournaments, reviews of recent tournaments, articles reviewing “cutting-edge” equipment and best buys, along with news of specific players.

Special Offers
Golf forums generally contain to discount golf suppliers. The Golf Magic Forum (see above) is also excellent in this area, offering links to about a dozen suppliers of cut-price clubs, bags, shoes and accessories.

Although there is a vast range of golf forums on the Internet, as with golf blogs, those hosted by famous players are apparently limited in number. Many professional players have their own official websites, detailing their career history, major achievements and so on, but golf forums are few and far between.

PGA Golf Forum
Although not hosted by a famous player, The PGA Golf Forum is an excellent source of information on European Tour golf. It contains in the region of 1500 threads relating to all aspects of European professional golf.

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