Golf for Children

Golf for Children

Golf is a fantastic sport enjoyed by men and women, old and young. Unfortunately, however, for some time golf has had a reputation for being the kind of sport participated in by older generations. Ever since the youthful Tiger Woods hit the golfing scene this inaccurate view of the game has gradually turned and more and more children and young people are taking up the sport than ever before, and understandably so. Golf can be a great outdoors family sport with plenty of excitement and fun. Golf for children incorporates wide open green spaces with the cathartic swing of the club and hitting of the ball. It requires both a delicate touch and some more hearty oomph and all aspects of the game can be attractive to children.

All kinds of sports are enjoyed by children as they are an entertaining way to run around and get plenty of exercise, and golf is no exception. Furthermore, engaging in a sport such as golf allows children to interact with others and meet new friends. For particularly talented or keen children there are also several competitions that occur where children are divided into age categories and play against one another. Schools and courses also exist to cater for budding young golfers which provide good opportunities for kids to play with others of a similar age and improve whilst having lots of fun.

Golf also has the advantage of being a truly family sport, which is quite a rarity. Golf is played by all kinds of people of all ages and, unlike in most sports, a ten year old girl or an old age pensioner could quite easily challenge and beat a man in the prime of his life. Grandparents can play with their children and grandchildren and golf can bring the family together.

Starting Young

It is perfectly possible for little kids to start playing golf at the very early age of two or three where swinging a club and hitting a ball can rapidly become a fun and accomplished skill. Tiger Woods began at two years old and remarkably managed to complete nine holes in 48 shots at the age of three. For mere mortals, it is not until a few years later, however, that this talent can be properly honed into a formidable technique and swing action. There are many parents who are happy to teach these things to their young children and this can be a great interaction for both children and parents.

Learning to Play

As children get a little older or perhaps if parents do not require the golf or teaching skills or time to teach their own, there are numerous ways for children to get involved. One of the most common routes is to find a good golf instructor to give lessons to the budding golfer. It should not be difficult to find a trained and professional instructor who can appreciate the fun side of the sport and ensure their student gets as much pleasure out of the learning experience. People naturally tend to improve as they play and practise and as long as kids are enjoying the sport they will be enthusiastic about golfing and the speed of their progress will probably be very impressive and parents may even find themselves a little jealous. Instructors can be found a number of ways from going to driving ranges and golf courses to asking for recommendations from fellow golfers.

Golfing Equipment

Buying golf clubs can be costly and throw up lots of difficult decisions for children in the same way they do for adults. The fact that kids are constantly growing, sometimes at quite unbelievable speeds, does not make buying clubs any easier on the wallet. Golf sets and clubs can vary in cost up to sky high prices, but there are also plenty of very reasonably priced clubs around in golf shops and elsewhere. Given the children will naturally grow out of their clubs, it is perhaps wise not to overspend on children’s golf clubs and stay within conservative limits as with children, buying a golf set is unlikely to be over in a single payment. One of the most important things, however, is to try to buy clubs which are at the appropriate size for the golfer as clubs of the wrong length could disrupt a child’s game and swing. There are many places to buy second hand clubs and doing a little bit of price comparison between golf clubs in different stores and online can be very productive and save a good deal of money. Golf for children can be hugely enjoyable for the whole family and especially the kids, but keeping an eye on costs may be advisable.