Golf eBooks

eBooks are something which people seem to either love or hate. There are the paper-back purists such as Harry Potter author, JK Rowling who aren’t interested in them and there are those of us who swear by them. If you’re dedicated to improving your game you’ll need to amass a wealth of knowledge, some of that will be based on your own experiences whilst playing and some of it will come from friends and other players.

However, research can also enormously improve your swing and your general enjoyment of golf. This is why eBooks are worthy of comment. If you bought an eBook which instructed you to play slightly differently, it might make you a better golfer, lift your rankings in society league tables or just make playing golf more fun for you! Whether it’s putting, chipping, your swing or your level of fitness which you think may be holding you back, some golf eBooks could help you overcome the obstacles which keep you from being the best possible golfer that you can be.

Why Bother with eBooks?

There are plenty of benefits to eBooks but if you’re not familiar with them at all you might wonder why they’re so popular. After all, there are books on golf at your local library, right? The thing is, with eBooks you can get very specific and detailed information in to a small, easy to access electronic file which is cheap to download and doesn’t have the associated printing costs. The idea is, – why bother buying a whole book when you’re only interested in section 10? What eBooks offer is the specific, detailed, accurate information you want at a lower price than a real book.

There are other benefits to eBooks too. You can search the text in a golf eBook for specific terms such as ‘teeing off’ and jump right to the page that interests you. eBook readers such as Kindle by Amazon or Sony’s PRS-700 are also easier to carry around than several books would be. You can highlight and add annotations on an eBook reader too and obviously these additions are non-permanent. If you have trouble reading a specific size of text you can make the text as large or small as you want and you can also change the font to one which suits you.

In addition, there’s no need for some of the conventions of a paperback book, an eBook reader will store and open at the last page you read automatically and whilst the eBook reader itself costs more than an ordinary book would, the eBooks which you purchase to read on it (whether original titles or pre-published in print form) will all cost less than they would from a normal book store.

There’s a lot of self-publishing in the world of golf eBooks too, which can be good because it means that golfers who might not be seen to have ‘an audience’ by a conventional publisher can still get their work out there for us to read!

Choosing Good eBooks

When you’re looking for eBooks you’re likely to come across a lot of rubbish along with the good stuff. If you don’t want to pay for duds as well as diamonds try to find some genuine reviews (which contain criticisms as well as praise) and go on what these say. Good golf eBooks are reviewed regularly so should be easy to find. You also need to see a table of contents to learn what the eBook covers. After all, if you were in a book store you would turn to the back or inside covers to find out more about any book you were considering purchasing.

A lot of eBooks promise to reveal secrets or to make you a better golfer in a set number of days. Try to avoid these ones, they’re salesy and intended to make a profit, not make you a better golfer! Look for books which provide real, detailed information from reliable sources instead. Also consider books with diagrams that also define words you might not be familiar with. You’ll get more from golf eBooks containing quality content than you would from books that announce how great they are!

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