Golf Communities

Over recent years social networking sites have taken the internet by storm to become some of the busiest sites in the world. A number of keen golfers have now cottoned on to this fact and have started developing golf communities designed specifically for avid golfing fans. These websites allow golfers of all ages and abilities to socialise. Many different discussions take place every day and provide a place for all golfers to meet, discuss equipment and courses, and even arrange a game at their local course.

These are a number of popular sites springing up all across the globe. Specific ones of interest for you are likely to be the ones localised to your area. However, national and international sites will allow you to meet more players, further expanding your own golfing links. Who knows, you may even strike a friendship allowing you to travel with your clubs to the other side of the world for a game or two.

Apart from providing an excellent place for golfers to meet, these golf communities also provide a great place to discuss golf courses and related information. Many of the websites will contain some fantastic course directories allowing you to search venues by location, price or course type. The information is often updated regularly and is always supplied be golfers rather than the course itself so you can usually rely on the reviews being accurate an unbiased. This makes a welcome difference to the majority of golf course websites.

Other site features

Most golf communities will provide areas for golfers to discuss the latest gear and provide kit reviews to the masses. This will often be coupled with site shops or a particular affiliation with an online retailer. You will often find that members of such sites are treated to excellent prices and some great special offers not usually available to the general public. He the site is free to join then what are you waiting for?

Joining the Golf Communities

Joining these golf communities couldn’t be easier! As with many of the current social networking websites, you have the option of providing as much or as little information as you like. All of this information is stored within your profile and can be updated at any time. You also have the ability of setting your own security settings to dictate who is actually able to view your profile information and contact you. You may prefer to restrict access to your current social group or maybe just to golfers in your immediate area.

What does it cost to join

Most of the UK based golf communities are free to join but you wish to join one of the larger worldwide sites then you may be required to pay a fee up front or a small monthly subscription. With the paid memberships you will often receive special offers or sign up bonuses to use at members clubs around the world. However, as with all subscriptions of this type, be sure to read the small print. Sometimes its difficult to know exactly what you’re signing up to.

Golfing social networking at its best

With so many golfing community sites being started it can be difficult knowing which one to join. The choice is made easier by knowing what you would like achieve from such a site. Most decisions are likely to be based around location so a little web searching may be required to find something suitable in your area. The list below is by no means exhaustive but will at least give you a starting point and an idea of the types of websites available.

  • Golf Finder – Golf Finder is one of best known UK based online golf communities featuring course and equipment reviews, online shops and the latest golfing news. An excellent first port of call
  • The 19th Hole – This site is based in the US and provided completely free of charge. The site features plenty of course reviews, users groups and forums to join not to mention kit reviews and galleries. An excellent choice should you be taking a trip over the pond
  • The Golf Space – Another US based online golfing community containing a whole host of personal golfers blogs and forums discussing all kinds of issues.

The recent uptake of social networking websites has revolutionised the way in which we communicate. The golf communities have now taken this on board and used it to everyone’s advantage. If your regular playing partner can’t make the weekends round of golf why not get online and find yourself another worthy adversary for the day.