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Advice on buying Golf Club Sets

Whether you are a novice or a professional, the choices you make regarding which clubs you buy can heavily influence your enjoyment of the game. So what do you need to think about before you buy your next set of golf clubs?

Firstly, you might want to consider what your ambitions are. Is golf a sport that you have played before? If the answer is ‘No’, you might want to consider what type of golfer you are likely to be. If you are the sort of person who simply wants the odd game for social reasons,and you are not likely to be into entering tournaments, you may have a list of requirements which are going to be much different to someone who has an obsessive nature.

That, ultimately, will decide how much money you are willing to spend on a set of clubs, or even individual clubs, initially. The first rule then, is to decide your budget. If you have not played before, you may decide that lessons are necessary for you. Build that into your budget planning. If you think that you may be the sort of person who is not likely to get involved at a serious level, then options to consider are either cheaper golf clubs, or alternatively, perhaps a second hand set of clubs. Second hand ones are cheaper and they can be easily replaced if you decide to take the sport more seriously, and if you decide after a while that golf is not the game for you, then you are not too seriously out of pocket.

Let us look on the positive side, however, and assume that you have been looking forward to playing golf for as long as you can remember. You can, if you wish buy a relatively inexpensive set of clubs. Try to make sure you do some research before you purchase. A good place to start is to read our buyer guides for golf sets:

Buyer guides for complete package golf sets

You will need to decide what type of golf club shaft is best for you. Golf club shafts invariably come in steel or graphite. Graphite is lighter and often more suitable for women and older players. As it is lighter, it often allows the player to generate a greater swing speed. Steel tends to be stronger, but cheaper and is often more suitable for younger, stronger players. It is worth bearing in mind that many golf pros consider that new players use shafts that are too stiff.

If you’ve decided that a package golf set is not for you and you’d like to have more control over what you buy then you’ll want to check out buyer guides below. Many players new to the game like to build up a full set of clubs slowly over time.

Buyer guides for popular brands

So, you have made the decision to take up golf. Do some research, find the best clubs for you, and enjoy your game!

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