Golf Blogs

What is a golf blog?

Golf blogs (blog being a contraction of “Web log”) is an Internet website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of general comments on golf, previews and reviews of golfing events, along with tips and articles. Some golfing blogs function as personal online golfing diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, audio, links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to golf. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of golf blogs. Most golf blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on photographs, videos or audio. The Ottawa Golf Blog is an excellent example. Run by Sean Crogie, who happens to be a damn good hacker, this blog follows the major tours and offers insightful news, reviews and analysis of all things golf. Sean is also passionate about the golf swing and runs Pro Golf Swing Videos and for iPhoners you can keep up to date on all the Best Golf iPhone Apps over at iPhone Golfer Apps.

Why use a dedicated golf blog?

Golf blogs are written by golfers for golfers. The language and terminology used is likely to be understood by all players, novice and advanced golfer alike. Since golf blogs are dedicated to the sport, there is no superfluous information, relating to other sports contained in such blogs. Novice players tend to be attracted to golf blogs as they do not condescend to the inexperienced player, but offer the experience and knowledge of superior players, in a fashion that the beginner will understand. Video and static images can also aid a player’s understanding of the techniques involved.

Golf blog readers / contributors

Just about everyone, players and non-players alike, will, at some time, have an opinion they wish to express, a recent example being European Captain Nick Faldo’s order of play for the Ryder Cup singles. Golf blogs provide an excellent outlet for such opinions, and discussion with other golfers. Golf blogs are also an invaluable source of information, with regard to the relative merits of different players, statistics, Tour records etc. They make interesting reading for the player and non-player alike.

Advantages of golf blogs

Golf Instruction
Many golf blogs offer instructional guidance for players of all abilities. One of the best appears to be The Golf Lessons Blog. Run by Kris Ruiter, a personal golf coach of considerable experience, it covers all aspects of the game. For beginners, it offers instruction in the basics of grip, stance and setup, through to advanced techniques for the more accomplished player. Various aspects of golf etiquette are also covered. Detailed picture sequences, with helpful captions, capture the key elements of the game. With each lesson, reference is made to the techniques of the top players, such as Padraig Harrington, Miguel Angel Jiminez, Ian Poulter, etc. Everything on the site is entirely free of charge, enabling you to take your game to the next level.

Golf blogs offer a wide range of articles, covering all aspects of the game of golf. These may range from player interviews to tournament previews and reviews, along with golfing product reviews. As such, they appeal to anyone with the vaguest passing interest in the game of golf. This may range from the armchair spectator, through the novice player and intermediate player, to the most accomplished golfer.

Special Offers
Many golf blogs offer special offers and discounts on green fees and equipment. Many golf clubs advertise special deals from “Twilight Golf” in the summer to “Winter Warmers” as the weather gets colder later in the year. Some of the deals available are absolutely fantastic, giving the opportunity to play on some great golf courses for a very reasonable green fee and often with a meal or drink or buggy included. Golf Discount Offers for instance lists all the latest deals for discounted golf equipment.

Golf business blogs
If you’re looking for a comprehensive insight into the business side of the golf industry then check out Miklos Breitner’s excellent Golf Business Monitor. Miklos, an online communication expert and self confessed golf addict, writes extensively about the following subjects: golf business, golf industry, golf marketing, golf equipment, golf tourism, golf course management, golf course marketing and golf course architecture.

Golf betting blogs
For those who like a flutter on professional tournaments, there is a wide range of golf blogs focusing on betting. Sites such as Online Betting Guide offer other free tips on tournaments, bloggers opinions on the best bets, tipping competitions, where to find the best prices, along with an online golf betting guide.

Famous golfers’ golf blogs

Many of the top professional players have their own official websites, with information on the player’s tour history, tournament results, question and answer sessions and game improvement tips. However, golf blogs owned by famous player seem few and far between.

Annika Sorenstam
Annika Sorenstam’s blog is essentially an online diary, but provides news about the player, question and answer sessions, useful golfing tips and instructional videos.

Justin Rose
Justin Rose’s Tour Blog details the player’s career, results and life on Tour. It also provides video golfing tips and the opportunity to seek advice from the player and ask questions, via e-mail.