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Advice on buying Golf Bags

A suitable golf bag is an important part of any golfer’s arsenal, not because it can directly influence the outcome of a game, but because it can improve comfort and reduce fatigue, and indirectly improve performance on the course. This is of course, in addition to its primary function of organising and protecting your golf clubs and other golfing paraphernalia – golf balls, tees, umbrella, wet weather gear, etc. Whether you carry your golf bag yourself, or have a golf trolle, or cart, take the strain.

Golf Stand Bags

If you prefer to carry your golf bag you may be interested in a stand golf bag. This type of golf bag is typically much lighter than a trolley, cart or bag and nowadays often includes a dual strap, which allows you to balance the weight of the golf bag across both shoulders, reducing strain on them and on your lower back. As the name suggests this type of golf bag also incorporates an integral stand which deploys or retracts when you put the bag down or pick it up; this means that you don’t need to pick the bag up from ground level after every shot, and you don’t drag it through the dirt on rainy days.

Golf Cart Bags

Cart, trolley or golf bags, on the other hand are designed specifically to be mounted on a trolley rather than carried. As such, they are typically larger, heavier and more durable than stand golf bags and are devoid of a stand, so that they sit neatly on a trolley and present your equipment in a convenient, accessible way. One of the most popular brands is Powakaddy Bags which come in Deluxe, Sports and Ladies versions.

Callaway Golf Bags

Callaway golf bags are available in a full range of stand and cart options, befitting a world leader in golfing technology. The Callaway 2009 Diablo Stand Bag, for example features a 9″, 6-way, oval top complete with three full-length dividers and a total of eight zippered or mesh pockets, but still weighs in at just 5lbs. The Callaway 2009 Chev 18 Cart Bag, as an alternative, is a little larger at 9″, and heavier, at 6lbs, but incorporates a total of nine pockets and so-called “Strap Bite Technology”, which prevents the single strap from twisting on the trolley.

Ping Golf Bags

Ping golf bags too, are hugely popular, often with younger golfers because of their vibrant colour options and high-tech appeal. The Ping Freestyle, for example, is the lightest of the Ping stand bags, at just under 5lbs but nevertheless incorporates three full length dividers, eight pockets – including a lined pocket for valuables – double bend, “Mantis” legs and a secondary spring wire stay.

Ogio Golf Bags

Ogio also manufactures a fresh, contemporary line of golf bags with the style and “attitude” that will appeal to golfers looking for high quality. The excellent Ogio Grom Golf Stand Bag is Ogio’s top-selling bag for three years running is better than ever. Also, the Ogio Edge is a hybrid golf bag – somewhere between a state of the art stand bag and a lightweight cart bag – available in Electric Blue, Burnt Orange or Silver colour options. The Edge features a new, lightweight, exoskeleton frame and several other innovations, including the so-called “ARC Lite” stand system for greater strength and functionality.

Golf Travel Bags

If you’re planning to take any golf holiday breaks this season then make sure that you protect your valuable golf clubs properly with a golf travel bag. We have a large selection of golf travel bags and let you find the best price quickly.

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