Golf Accessories

In the world of golf equipment, outside clubs, shoes, a golf bag and golf balls, everything else essentially falls into the class of golf accessories. There is obviously a mammoth range of golf accessories available, and covering everything would be nigh impossible. However, the following seeks to provide information on the most commonly occurring golf accessories.


In recent years, novelty headcovers in the shape of animals and characters have become very popular. However, many golfers overlook the fact that it is the functionality of these golf accessories that is important, not the aesthetics. It’s all very well having Frankenstein and Dennis the Menace in your bag, but if they fail to protect your clubs, they’re a waste of money. Ensure graphite shafts are adequately protected, as they chip easily, particularly in transit.


Golf club grips are a golfer’s only connection with a golf club, but most players don’t give these fundamental golf accessories a second thought. Old, worn grips cause the club to slip, affecting the line-up of the clubface at impact. They also force a tighter grip on the club, hence less accuracy. New grips promote a good golf swing and will benefit players of all abilities. The correct grip size is the most important part of having a good grip, in order to make solid, consistent contact with the ball. The grip size is correct when your middle and third fingers just touch the pad of your palm. Golf grips are available in many styles and sizes and are fairly easy and fast to replace. Re-gripping will not only make your clubs feel new again but with new, correct-sized grips you will have better traction to provide the basis for better golf shots.


On the subject of grip, golfers generally wear a single glove on the weaker hand to strengthen the grip, so a right-handed player would usually wear a left-hand glove. Ladies and juniors may benefit from wearing a glove on both hands. As with other golf accessories, the range available is enormous, ranging from inexpensive all-weather gloves to expensive Cabretta leather. It is suggested that, inexperienced players especially, buy the former, as they have better flexibility of use, being suitable for all conditions. Furthermore, leather gloves take a great deal of care.


Golf tees are inexpensive, but essential golf accessories. They are generally plastic or wood, in varying lengths. It is recommended that the beginner use the “castle” type of tee, ensuring that the ball is teed at the same height each time. They are available in graduations, for irons, woods and a driver.


Given the customary UK weather, a good-quality umbrella is one of the “must have” golf accessories for the year-round golfer. It is worth investing in a substantial model that will not blow inside-out easily. However, biggest is not always best, as in windy weather large umbrellas can lead to the “Mary Poppins” syndrome.


A pair of good-quality mittens is also one of the essential golf accessories for the golfer playing in any weather. Many types are available, to suit all budgets, and those purchased are very much a matter of personal preference.


Novice golfers marvel at the backspin produced by the pros, then try to repeat the feat with irons clogged with half the golf course. A good-quality club brush, with wire bristles for irons and plastic for metal woods, along with some form of ball cleaner are all good investments in golf accessories.


On the subject of cleaning, carrying several towels for cleaning and drying clubs, balls and hands is recommended. These golf accessories are available cheaply and will prove invaluable in inclement weather.

Range Finders

Range finders are used to determine distances on the golf course. They can range in price from about £20 to several hundreds.

Pitchmark Repairers

A tool for repairing pitch marks in greens is one of the essential golf accessories, whether it be inexpensive plastic or one of the more exotic products on offer. There is nothing worse than approaching a green to sink your birdie putt, only to find it looking like the surface of the moon, covered in ball imprints. Always repair your own pitch mark, and do a few others too.

Scorecards and Holders

Battery-powered digital scorecards are available relatively inexpensively for recording and totalling scores. However, it is a good idea for the beginner to practice completing a manual scorecard correctly. However, in wet weather, it is difficult to prevent a scorecard becoming a soggy mess. A waterproof scorecard holder and an indelible pen will prove useful golf accessories.

“Novelty” Golf Accessories

Novelty versions of all the above golf accessories are available, with football teams being particularly popular. These can make great gifts for the golfer who is also a footie fan.