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Advice on buying Golf Accessories

Whether you’re an experienced golfer,or just a first-timer looking to fit in, you will know that essential golfing equipment goes beyond owning a full set of clubs and a cashmere sweater. From the humble golf glove to improve a player’s grip and control, to the latest Skycaddie SG5 GPS device that will accurately relay the distance to the hole, warn of hazards and even offer alternate routes to your destination in the event of heavy queues (well not quite) golfing accessories are an important part of the game providing aids that can greatly increase a golfer’s score. Plus fluffy animal headcovers are always fun.

Cheap Golf Accessories

Crucial accessories such as golf tees are available in many different styles and quantities, such as 1000 wooden tees for £16.95 or a couple of tees bearing football club shirts for around £2.50. Cleaners that are designed for use on ball and club head are also available ranging from moist cloths to liquids that have been scientifically proven to do a better job than spit. Good to know the scientists are focusing on the important stuff.

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are important in improving a golfer’s shot accuracy through greater club control. With some gloves available for around £5 they are a good investment whilst more expensive gloves have leather palms, allowing for better feel and accurate shots. The Footjoy Sciflex range uses nylon around the knuckles providing greater flexibility in a player’s grip.

Golf Mittens

Another accessory of importance to golfers, particularly in Britain, winter golf mittens are available from all the major golfing brands and can vary greatly in price. The most important thing to look out for is a fleece interior to keep the cold out.

Golf Headcovers

It surely says something that there are more different types of golf headcovers available than any other accessory. Golfers can personalise and brighten up their golf bag with a few headcovers whilst protecting their clubheads from contact damage. Cartoon characters, fluffy animals and football team badges are all available and typically cost around £10-£20. Often becoming sources of superstition, headcovers can also make a great present for a golfing enthusiast.

Golf Umbrellas

Similar to golf mittens, umbrellas are a much used accessory on the golf courses of Britain and their importance is soon realised by the unprepared when the rain starts pouring down. Typically costing around £20 there are umbrellas made by all golfing brands in varying sizes. One novel golf bag umbrella, costing £10, doubles up as a ball retriever to help remove stray balls from water hazards.

Golf Rangefinders

There are a number of different rangefinders available to suit all budgets from a £19 monocular device up to Golf GPS rangefinders costing £350. Golf Laser rangefinders are another style of device in the mid-range price bracket. These gadgets are all designed to give you the nformation needed to make the right shots and ultimately better your scores.

Golf Towels

Available in a range of designs, golf towels are important for drying clubs, golf balls and hands around the course. They only cost a few pounds and are very useful to have around. Similar to headcovers, towels are a great way of personalising your golf equipment.

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