Compare Prices for FLAT CAT Products

Compare prices on FLAT CAT products
FLAT CAT are an American company founded by long time caddie Charlie Spain who have thrown their hat into the ring with the big timers in the specialised putter grip industry. The company have brought a unique product into golf with their grips, due to the fact that they are square instead of having the traditional curved edges that we’ve became accustomed to. 
FLAT CAT claim that the grips help a golfer massively when trying to keep the face square, as it ‘puts the feeling of square in the palm of your hands,’ and this is imperative when attempting to start the ball on the intended line of the putt. Multiple sizes and the ability to have the grip on the putter in different positons ensure there’s an option for every golfer out there. 
The grips have made it onto the PGA tour, and perhaps the most notable player to use the FLAT CAT original grip is European star Justin Rose. 

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