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Advice on buying Electric Trolleys

When looking for an electric trolley the first thing you’ll notice is the wide variety of models available. Electric Golf Trolley Prices vary considerably, as do the features offered, the style and the build quality.

By determining the most important aspects of an electric trolley for YOUR NEEDS, you can quickly get that wide range of trolleys down to a short list and be confident that you’re buying the the best electric golf trolley for you.

So let’s dive straight in and talk about the most important aspects to consider:

How much does it weigh?
Although an electric trolley saves you from carrying your golf bag around the course, you’ll still need to lift it in and out your car. If weight is a big consideration for you then pay particular attention to (1) the material the electric trolley’s frame is constructed of (aluminium, steel or titanium) ; and (2) the battery type (either lead acid or lithium).

Which features are important to you?
Trolley Controls – Some electric trolleys just have a basic on/off function with a pre-set speed. However, some have a speed control that let’s you modify the speed. There are some remote controlled trolleys on the market that will allow you to send the trolley around the green while you walk over it, but at a healthy price!

Golf Bag – Do you already own or want to buy a matching golf bag? Some of the big brand electric trolley manufacturers make perfect fit trolley bags.

Accessories – what accessories do you need? bottle holders, scorecard holders, umbrella holders, GPS mounts, travel covers, seats and more are available.

Is it easy to assemble?
Most trolleys are either fold-up or three-piece detachable designs. Either way you should look into how easy it is to assemble and break down. Some trolleys allow the wheels to be removed for easy storage.

Will it fit into my car?
Most trolleys are designed with the idea that they will be stored in car boots, but it’s still something to consider. How easy is it to fold away or dismantle? These are questions that should be considered if you’re planning to

Do you like the style of it?
Golf trolley styling is becoming more and more prominent these days. Do you need funky modern or something more conservative and classic.

What is the battery life like?
Without the battery your electric trolley will not go far. You need to consider the battery and how many holes it’s good for. Most electric trolley batteries are designed to comfortably manage 18 holes (and typically manage 27 holes). If you need more life than this some manufacturers make 36 hole batteries. Alternatively, you could buy a spare battery.

As noted above knowing the weight of the battery is important. You’ll need to lift it out of trolleys, car boots and lockers very often so finding one you can easily carry is important, especially if the trolley is for an older golfer.

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