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Over the winter I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on a review copy of the newly launched Drive for Show Course from PGA Professional Rich Lawless & Steve King at Weekend Golfers. It’s an excellent collection of high quality Coaching videos which are easy to implement and just what I needed to kick start my game ahead of the new season.

Are you Making This Mistake?

Here Rich Lawless, PGA Professional at Weekend Golfers, talks us through some common golf grip mistakes:

The good news is that the guys have priced this so that everyone can get access as they want to help as many people as possible improve their game. For more or less the price of a decent golf book you get an amazing golf instruction package.

Go get this now, this is the one of the best game improving products I’ve seen for a while. Visit Drive for Show Course

What is Drive For Show?

It’s a comprehensive Coaching Course that will help you hit your Driver, Longer & Straighter…and help you do it more consistently.

These are the coaching methods that Rich uses when he’s teaching the Tour Players that come to him for coaching every month and the best part is…

  • You don’t have to be a Tour Player to Benefit
  • Even a complete beginner will be able to follow along
  • Single figure and Mid-handicap Players can look forward to a drop in handicap
  • You will end up with a better swing and improve your all round game
  • There are great worksheets to help you keep track of the progress you’ll make
  • There is a comprehensive Coaching Manual
  • Over 35 Coaching Videos, which is just like having a one to one lesson on your computer
  • and you’ll get the opportunity to win some personal online coaching with Rich

AND if that’s not enough, If you join today, you’ll get access to their future products at a discounted rate too

If you’re looking for a solid video course then this gets my highest recommendation:

If you’ve ever wished you could be a better player off the tee, or if you’ve been forced to leave Driver in your bag…Then this is what you need right now.

Don’t miss out Visit Drive for Show Course Now.


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