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When looking around for the right electric golf trolley to buy, you’ll find quite a wide choice on the market. Price varies considerably, as do the features offered and quality of build. You’ll want to put in a bit of research rather than choosing the first one that catches your eye.

What you deem to be important aspects of the trolley will vary according to your own particular needs. Is your car boot really small, requiring a golf trolley that’ll fold down to the most compact size possible? Is lifting an issue for you – meaning that you’ll need something really light and easy to lift? Would you rather buy something made in the UK? If you need service back up, how is this handled? There’s quite a list of considerations, but price, weight and folded size are probably the most common first questions.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to a couple, you may want to see one ‘in the flesh’ to help your decision. Keep your eyes open and don’t be shy to ask other golfers sporting the trolley you’re thinking of buying. Golfers are a sociable bunch and it won’t take long for them to tell you what they think of their purchase! Some brands are sold through shops, and others just from their website. One online company offers a 28 day try out period after you’ve bought, so that you can try the trolley out properly, out on the course, with the promise of a full refund if you change your mind.

You can of course check out our electric golf trolley reviews which will help you to find the best UK price. Additionally, Online golf forums are a good source of information, with postings and reviews from golfers themselves who give impartial independent comment. Golf magazines also regularly review electric golf trolleys.

So whilst the initial choice may seem a little overwhelming, with a bit of thought you can be confident in buying something that ticks all your own particular boxes, at a price that’ll suit your pocket.

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