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childrens golf starter setStudies have shown that the earlier a child is involved in golf, the more that they will learn to love the game and be a successful player as they grow older. Golf teaches many lessons to children including respect for the game, concentration, focusing on one subject and also following instructions.

Your child needs to have an interest in the sport to do well and want to learn it. One club can be purchased in order to see if they have a genuine interest in the game and then purchase a children’s golf starter sets.

Children’s golf sets are not all created equal. The best clubs to purchase for your little golfer have a graphite shaft for flexibility and accurateness. They will also have a durable steel head that can stand up to some abuse.

US Kids Childrens Golf Starter Sets

US Kids are the most popular make and have a very well thought sizing system. Their golf sets are available in several colours for kids like, pink, blue, green, yellow and black. The smaller kids will enjoy the colors, but they are actually coloured based on the height of your child. Here’s how it to find the correct US Kids golf starter set for your child.

Step 1 – Measure your childs height in inches.

Step 2 – Match your childs height to the correct set below


In the UK, retailers have added rough age groups to the US Kids sizing system – you’ll see this when you visit their websites. However, it’s best to use the US Kids Sizing System (as above) when selecting the right golf set for your child.

Some of the biggest mistakes in a child’s set of golf clubs are to cut an adult shaft down to their height and to buy the clubs too long and hope the child will grow into them. These two things will result in the shaft and club head being too heavy for your developing child and will make it very hard for them to get the ball in the air. Instead, the correct size of children’s golf starter set will help them to succeed. The most fun part to a beginning player is to see how high and far the ball will go which gives them a sense of accomplishment and makes them want to excel and continue the game.

As well as US Kids, there are many other good brands that make good quality junior golf sets. Many of the well-known professional golf club manufacturers also make junior clubs. These include Callaway, Cobra, and Wilson. You can read more in our Junior Golf Sets – Buyers Guide.


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