Callaway X Junior Golf Set Review

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Callaway X Junior Golf Set

If you’ve got a tiny tiger in your family then why not help them improve their game with the new Callaway X junior golf set.

This is the ultimate junior golf set to have and represents amazing value considering you’re getting the same technology as the adult X series of clubs, but it has been tailored to suit the needs of your little golfer and help them improve their game.

What’s included in the set?

  • Driver – 17˚ 360cc All-Titanium
  • Fairway wood – 24˚ stainless steel
  • Irons – 5, 7, 9 and SW stainless steel
  • Putter – Odyssey 2-ball White Hot
  • Bag – Callaway

Callaway X Junior golf set


The X series driver aims to deliver higher ball speed across the face of the club through a hyperbolic face design. The unique shape of the clubs face improves hitting efficiency, aiming to give the golfer speed and distance from wherever the ball makes contact with the club face. The driver also features an oversized head design for an increased stability on miss hit shots. The Callaway X junior golf set features a smaller version of this titanium adult club with a 17˚ loft.

Fairway Wood

The set also includes a Stainless steel 24˚fairway wood, which features the X-sole design for effective turf interaction to make those tricky fairway shots as easy as possible. The leading edge is lowered as a result of the unique design which helps get the ball in the air faster. The deep face increases the effective hitting area and the oversized head shape increases the moment of inertia for greater stability for all types of player.

Callaway X Junior golf set


The Callaway X Junior golf set also features specially designed X-series irons to take the young golfers game to the next level. The irons feature a low centre of gravity for an improved feel. The extreme notch weighting redistributes more weight to the extreme perimeter of the club head giving the golfer greater stability. A degree undercut channel moves the centre of gravity lower and farther back in the club head, enlarging the hitting area. The irons includes in this junior golf set are 5, 7, 9 and SW which should be ample for the young golfer helping them perfect shots from anywhere on the course.


The putter included in the golf set is a specially designed odyssey hot white 2-ball putter. The 2 ball alignment system makes lining up puts easier, ensuring balls find their way precisely into the hole. Putting is perhaps one of the most difficult areas of the game to master, but it is essential to improving your game. Providing a young golfer with a tool like this will increase their putting confidence and make their game more rewarding and enjoyable.

Golf Bag

Callaway X Junior golf set
Finally all these top of the range clubs come in light weight Callaway bag with a three way triangular top and built in stand. There are also seven zipped pockets to store all the golfing essentials, an MP3 holder, rain hood and a double strap.


The Callaway X junior golf set represents amazing value for money and will provide your young golfer with all the help they need. Golf is a game that can be enjoyed at any age so playing golf with your child is not only a great way of spending time with them but it will set them up with a hobby for life!

Callaway X Junior Golf Set Best Price

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