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Callaway X 22 Irons

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High Quality Callaway Game Improvement Irons

Displaying more technology than a NASA spacecraft and offering more forgiveness than Ned Flanders on a Sunday, the Callaway X-22 Irons are a great purchase for golfers looking to buy high quality game-improving irons. Providing good balance and control, the X-22 set uses the most cutting-edge developments in Callaway technology to achieve impressive improvements in weighting, a lower centre of gravity and an increase in ball speed, generating long, straight, accurate shots with forgiveness that will boost your game as well as your confidence. All this, and great value for money too!

How technology can improve your game

It is the full laboratory’s worth of technological innovation that has helped form such a dynamic piece of golfing equipment. Beginning with the Short Straight Hollow Hosel or S2H2 for short, Callaway have used a shorter hosel length to move weight from the hosel down to the clubhead perimeter.

Using a hollowed out hosel design, or Tru-bore style, also allows the shaft to be lengthened through the hosel so that it is closer to the clubface, thus enhancing the golfer’s feel of the shot.

Callaway’s evolution in design is on further display with other developments. The Extreme Notch Weighting design despatches more weight to the iron’s perimeter, creating the high MOI that is crucial for greater forgiveness whilst the weighting is further enhanced through the 360-degree undercut that lowers the centre of gravity whilst pushing it to the rear of the clubhead. The Progressive Wall Reduction System is a further development contributing to a centre of gravity that is six percent lower than that of the previous Callaway x-range irons. These conditions produce a larger sweet spot and a steadier clubhead, which in turn lead to greater forgiveness and better direction of shots.

VFT Technology

It doesn’t stop there, however. Callaway have also sought to improve the ball speed through their Variable Face Thickness Technology. By creating a clubface that is thickest in the centre, more energy is focused on the ball adding distance to each shot, whilst the centre of gravity has been altered for each iron, creating the best flight trajectory for the differing lengths.

Great Reviews and Good Value

Golfers have praised the X-22 irons for their outstanding feel, good balance, their ability to improve flight trajectory, and have attributed improvements in their game and confidence to the set.

With so much groundbreaking technology crammed into the design, it might be assumed that these precision clubs come at a hefty price. On the contrary, however, the X-22 set can be bought for under £400 for a set of irons, a price that is modest compared with a number of rival sets.


The Callaway X-22 Irons are one of the most progressive high-performance irons available, promising game improvement where it’s needed, as well as high performance for more serious golfers through the many technical advancements in their design. Offering distance, power, accuracy as well as a great deal of forgiveness, these high-quality irons have a playability that will enhance your game and a price tag that makes them the perfect set to invest in.

Callaway X 22 Irons – Best UK Price

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