Callaway Gems Ladies Golf Set Review

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Callaway Gems Ladies Golf Set

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With the rapidly growing number of ladies taking up golf, it has become increasingly important that sufficient golfing equipment is developed and made available which caters to the specific needs of the female golfer.

Creating equipment using a large amount of knowledge from professional female golfers, the Callaway Gems Ladies Golf Set has been developed specifically to offer the essential tools required by women golfers who are starting out in the game.

Using the most advanced technology for game-improvement developed by such a big golfing name, players can rest assured that the Gems set offers the highest performance quality whilst being designed with the female golfer in mind.

Callaway Gems Ladies Golf Set

Driver and Fairway Wood

The set includes a titanium driver and a stainless-steel fairway wood which offer a lot of forgiveness. Designed to cut down on slicing, Callaway have worked to produce clubs that produce consistent shots, even on off-centre shots. Throughout the set, a special weighting system has been used that will help get the ball in the air at a higher angle, increasing the distance on shots. The 5 hybrid has a wide clubhead to help beginners maintain a solid shot over any surface.

Hybrid Clubs

The set includes a pair of i-Brid clubs, newly designed as an alternative to the more challenging long irons. With a great set of both forgiving and high performance clubs, new female players can be confident in a kit that successfully blends quality and style.

Some of Callaway’s most advanced technology is in evidence through the 7 and 9 i-Brid clubs. Designed to combine the feel and precision offered by long irons with a high level of forgiveness to help the progression of a beginner’s game, the i-Brid is a great club for any golfer, and a fantastic option for someone just starting out. The club has a low centre of gravity to allow players to get the ball higher and further whilst the enlarged hitting zone gives more consistency.

Callaway Gems Ladies Golf Set

Short Game Clubs

For the short-game, the Gems set includes a chipper and a putter. The chipper offers both good roll and spin, whilst the putter features alignment aids to help beginners with their accuracy.

Golf Bag

Designed for women, the Gems set clubs all feature shorter shafts and different grips, allowing women to use equipment styled to comfortably suit their own style of game. The lightweight bag also aims to create less stress on female players. With such innovations providing performance that is tailor-made for females, it’s unsurprising that the Gems set has proven a hit with the ladies that use it.

User Reviews

Reviewers have praised the comprehensive nature of the set, giving beginners everything they need to train and play, whilst agreeing that it is certainly good value for money – unsurprising given that the set can be found for under £350.


The Callaway Gems Ladies’ Golf Set is a great investment for any beginner female golfer. Including everything you need in a starter set, the stylish, high performance clubs ensure that from the very first time on a golf course you can look great and play better!

Callaway Gems Ladies Golf Set – Best UK Price

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