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Callaway Big Bertha Irons

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Over a decade of excellence

For over a decade, the Callaway Big Bertha Range has been regarded as an icon for high quality irons offering game-improvement. With its latest offering, Callaway is aiming to go further – by revolutionising the face of traditional iron sets. Incorporating the new i-Brids, which aim to replace the more awkward long irons whilst maintaining the traditional iron shape, the latest set uses pioneering design and cutting-edge technology to create the next level of high performance game-improving irons. The i-Brids boast the perfect mix of accuracy, distance and control, whilst the lower centre of gravity and larger hitting area in the short and mid irons offer a supreme level of forgiveness. All of these developments are flawlessly married together forming a set of impressive performance progression with steady distance separation and the best possible trajectories. They are also good value and are a purchase for those seeking to buy the ultimate iron set.

Incredible feel and precision

The first thing that jumps out from this set (3-SW) is the design. Callaway must surely follow the maxim ‘Big is beautiful’. The numerous innovations in the set design, however, make sure that these irons certainly cannot be accused of having no substance to back up the style. The performance of the i-Brids is a fantastic combination of the feel and precision found in a traditional iron added to the distance and forgiveness that you get from a hybrid. The result is a simply amazing performance! It has a low and deep centre of gravity which makes it easier to get the ball airborne, whilst the design also includes a particularly wide sole for good turf interaction.

Impressive mid and short irons

As if the i-Brid developments weren’t impressive enough, the performance of the mid and short irons reveal untouchable levels of forgiveness. They are oversized irons with a large offset and increased sweet spot as well as the wide sole seen in the i-Brid. Of course the Big Bertha is not content with just offering fantastic forgiveness. It includes the best of Callaway technology to make sure you can achieve optimum performance too.

Technology advances in forgiveness

The high MOI that is so important in a forgiving iron is created through the Extreme Notch Weighting design that pushes more weight to the perimeter of the clubhead whilst the Short Straight Hollow Hosel adds further weight to the perimeter from the hosel position. The 360-Degree Undercut Channel shifts the centre of gravity lower and towards the rear of the clubhead, helping to create stability and improved accuracy in a shot. Variable Face Thickness technology is also included, the result being a club face with a thicker centre that allows more power to go into the ball when struck, adding distance to a shot. The fantastic feel of this set has been created through the Modified Tru-Bore Design, whilst an added polycarbonate tip at the end of the steel shaft brings the added benefit of feeling less vibration from a shot.

What reviewers say

Reviewers have described the new Big Bertha Irons as a great purchase in terms of price and the improvement seen in their games.


The Big Bertha Irons are certainly a great-buy if you are looking for a set of irons offering forgiveness and amazing performance through groundbreaking design.

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