Bushnell Neo+ Plus GPS Rangefinder Review

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Bushnell Neo Plus GPS Rangefinder review

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Bushnell Neo+ Plus GPS Rangefinder – Best UK Price

Bushnell Neo+ Plus GPS Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Neo GPS Rangefinder is Bushnell’s most compact and user friendly rangefinder to date. It is incredibly light weight and clips easily to a shirt or belt. The device is so intuitive that the guide book was not really needed though it is helpful in case a feature is unfamiliar to the user.

The smallest, most compact, golf GPS unit available is also one of simplest and easiest to use.”Neil Peters
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It comes preloaded with over fourteen thousand golf courses but also provides a manual locator for the rare cases where a golf course is not automatically located by the GPS. It uses the iGolf database which holds a huge number of worldwide courses – check UK, Europe, Worldwide available courses for Bushnell Neo+ Bushnell Neo+ Courses. In most cases, the GPS simply has not had time to locate the user and will locate easily if given a few minutes to synchronize. The GPS has no issues finding a connection even on the more overcast days when many GPS systems tend to stop functioning properly.

This rangefinder is not just a GPS, though. It also provides golfers with course hazard information and distances to all of the key locations on a golf course. No longer do golfers have to worry about accidentally smacking into a well hidden sprinkler head. The compact size also means a far less complicated screen for the user to decipher. The distance to the front and back of the green is easily identifiable from each hole on the golf course and is automatically updated when the golfer has moved on to the next hole.

The best feature of the Bushnell Neo GPS Rangefinder is that it has no annual membership fee. This is a refreshing change from other comparable rangefinders that have time and again charged users not just for the device but also for the privilege of using the device. Also, in contrast to many other rangefinders, this model is waterproof. Forgetting to put away the rangefinder in a sudden rainstorm no longer becomes a costly mistake. This GPS will be working just as designed long after its owner has decided the weather is too dangerous to continue playing in.

Additionally, the Neo has an amazing battery life. Some users have reported using it for up to ten full games before having to recharge the device. No other compact rangefinder can even approach this feat. This fact alone makes the Bushnell Neo GPS Rangefinder well worth the price. The device can also save up to ten courses for a golfer that tends to use the same courses over and over. This drastically cuts down on the amount of time needed for the system to offer recommendations for distances.

There are many options available in the rangefinder market but for a golfer that wants a compact device at a reasonable price there is no better choice than the Bushnell Neo GPS Rangefinder. With a slew of features and a battery life that is without comparison, no golfer should be without this small but powerful device. It will help take strokes off of a golfer’s game with the distance calculator and works in any type of weather. The free one year warranty just makes the deal on this even sweeter.


  • Ready to Play Right Out of the Box
  • 16,000+ PRELOADED Courses
  • Instant Course Recognition
  • Auto Hole Advance
  • Up to 4 custom points per hole
  • Shot Distance calculator
  • Easy to use interface, low button press
  • Durable & Rainproof
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • SiRFstarIII GPS Chip
  • Adheres to USGA and R&A rules
  • Dimensions: 1.75″ x 3.25″ x .75″

What’s in the box

  • Bushnell Neo
  • Power cord/adaptor
  • USB sync cable
  • Belt clip
  • Quickstart guide

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What’s in the box
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