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Premium quality

Uniquely styled, intelligently designed and unbelievably priced, the Benross Innovator Driver is a great tool to have in any golfer’s workbag. With the unconventional arch-shaped clubhead, getting power into the shot is easy, whilst the low centre of gravity combines with a high MOI to deliver a fantastic level of performance, creating more accurate shots that surge skywards. These innovations are important for an impressive amount of forgiveness too. The club boasts Tri-Mass Technology, a weighting system that gives great feel to the club whilst the design also gives brilliant control over length and trajectory through the Trajectory Control System. Noticeably, users have repeatedly rated the Innovator higher than it’s more-expensive rivals.

Great looks and forgiving

Immediately distinguishable through the shape of the 455c Titanium clubhead, Benross has developed the arch-shape to give the club a lower centre of gravity by moving the weight to the optimum positions. This Thin Crown Technology, on which the arch is based, also creates a higher MOI which is important in creating the high level of forgiveness that the Innovator demonstrates through increasing the hitting zone and reducing the twist from a bad shot, resulting in shots being much more consistent. The Innovator is also built for power which is boosted through the arch-shape clubhead which is structurally stronger than other clubhead designs and raises the amount of power that is transferred to the ball when contact is made.

Control your launch angle

Alongside the consistent power of the Innovator is a high degree of control and feel delivered through the Trajectory Control System. This design works through altering the weight of the club by inserting either the 3g or 9g weights that are provided into the clubhead. These weights are responsible for changing the launch angle and offering more variety to the player whilst keeping the amount of spin as low as possible. Alongside the Tri-Mass Technology which adds three weighted points to the club, players can feel confident and in control of their shots, getting the height and length that they require. Benross has aimed to be flexible with the Innovator, providing buyers with two choices of shaft for the club, the Grafalloy ProLaunch Platinum Shaft and the Golf Pride DD2 Red Grip.

Budget price tag

With so many game-strengthening innovations on offer it would be no surprise to see the Innovator at the higher-end of the driver club price-range. Benross has focused delivering high performance clubs at fantastically low prices. The Innovator can be found for as little as £70.

What reviews say

It’s not just the price that has been getting good reviews however. Players have commented on the excellent control that the Innovator offers, whilst the distance it provides, even with off-centre shots has been noted. Reviewers have also praised the club’s ability to get good ball elevation as well as a feel and performance that is preferred to other rival drivers.

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