Benefits of going the extra mile with custom club fitting

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custom-fittingGolf is a sport where the player relies quite heavily on the equipment that they are using, this becomes more apparent the better you become as you will find yourself using a wider array of clubs and that little bit extra can be the difference between a good and a bad game.

So what can we did to give ourselves that extra edge during the round? The solution to that is quite simple and that is investing some time in getting your golf clubs custom fitted to your own needs. Everyone’s body shape and dimensions are different from one another and therefore slight changes to different areas of your clubs can make a huge difference.

Some of the key areas to custom fitting are adapting your own physical dimensions to that of your equipment and researching your techniques and any faults which may be rectified by changing your equipment slightly.

The Process

The process of custom fitting can be broke down into 5 sections

  • Player Consultation – Here you will be asked questions about your game, the equipment you are currently using and what aspects you would like to improve.
  • Collect Swing Data – This may be a manual process where the shop will analyse your swing or it may use an automated setup like the Flightscope.
  • Test and Improve – When base data has been collected the next step is to test multiple products, brands and set ups to try and improve on the previous data.
  • Results Analysis – Once the tests are complete and results documented then changes can be made to your clubs or new clubs.
  • Fitting Complete – Now you can return to the course and try them out.


Golf custom fitting has come a long way in recent years and that is mainly down to golf swing and monitoring systems like the Flightscope Launch Monitor. This enables custom fit shops to document a large array of data about your swing which would not have been picked up on without. These type of attributes include ball spin, angle of attack and the shaft acceleration. When doing custom fitting you should look for shops that use this kind of equipment in their store.


Paul works in a UK based golf centre which offers custom fitting using the Flightscope system as well as running a host of golf clothing blogs and websites.

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