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Wilson Staff DFY Combo Transition Irons – Best UK Price

List of Wilson irons currently available in the UK below:

Benefits of Wilson Staff D-FY Combo Transition Irons

Wilson D-FY irons are designed with the mid- to high-handicapper in mind and are set to benefit golfers with slower swing speeds looking for extra distance.

The half steel half graphite shafts in D-FY irons are thermally fused and offer the playability of steel with the feel of graphite. The big benefit is that the shafts weigh only 76 grams, roughly the same weight as standard graphite shafts.

“The average golfer with the average swing speed is going to fall in love with these,” said Mike Hanschke, a sales representative for Wilson Golf. “The loading and unloading of the shaft is unlike anything else in the marketplace. The average swing-speed player will gain distance, guaranteed.”

The standard D-FY iron set consists of two hybrids (3- and 4-irons), two hollow-back irons (5 and 6) and four cavity-back irons (7, 8, 9 and pitching wedge).

Patented ‘Half and Half’ Shaft

What does that mean for the average golfer? “You get the feel of graphite with the response of steel,” Pergande said.

The shaft is lightweight, which promotes faster swing speed and greater distance. But the steel offers greater torsional stability and the “feel” many golfers want in irons.

Hollow-core mid-range Irons

Hollow 5-iron and 6-iron utilize an easy-to-hit ultra wide sole design. “In the testing we’ve done, we get the ‘wow’ factor, particularly in the mid- to long-irons,” Pergande said. “That 5- and 6-iron is a major point of difference over most of our competitors’ clubs. That’s the one that a lot of consumers come back to. The hybrids are very easy to hit, very forgiving.”


These Wilson D-FY Combo Irons have already made it onto the highly acclaimed Golf Digest 2010 Hot List. Great for mid- to high-handicappers with slower swing speeds looking for extra distance.

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