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Top 10 Golf Wedges Buyers GuideScience has played a great role in the development of the game of golf, but whilst the type of metal used and groove configuration influence golf wedge performance, the short game relies on skill and ‘touch.’

There are four main types of golf wedges:

  • the pitching wedge, with a loft of 45-50 degrees, is designed for longer approach shots of 100-125 yards, and is included in most sets of irons.
  • the gap wedge, with a loft of 51-54 degrees, nicely fills the gap between the pitching wedge and sand wedge and is suitable for approaches of 80-110 yards.
  • the sand wedge (55-58 degrees) is most often used for escaping from bunkers, but is also ideal for close, high shots of up to 85 yards.
  • the lob wedge (60-64 degrees) is used for short, very high-flying shots.

Prices range from £50-£100.

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One of the less expensive wedges on the market, but it lacks nothing in playability. Lesser players amongst the reviewers found the rolled leading edge minimised “digging” for consistent ball striking. Available on lofts from 47-60 degrees. No. 3 pick

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Available in lofts from 52-60 degrees, this steel-shafted wedge has a classy, clean look. Testers reported that despite a heavier head than some, it still produced good feel. All reviewers found the club confidence-inspiring, producing consistent, accurate shots.

The Titleist Vokey series has stood the test of time, maintaining tradition whilst incorporating new ideas. Available in a wide variety of lofts, reviewers found it nicely balanced, producing excellent backspin for stopping the ball quickly. No.1 pick

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The CG12 is a top-quality wedge and the choice of many Tour professionals. Reviewers found its balance and weight superb. They reported that its ground-hugging leading edge made it easy to play from tight lies. No. 2 pick

Available in a wide range of lofts (48-64 degrees) this wedge is best suited to lower handicappers. They found the higher-lofted clubs allowed the face to be opened for playing from tight lies and sand. All testers were impressed by its solid performance from various situations.

Ping Tour Wedge

Ping Tour Wedge

from £79.99

This steel-shafted wedge has a slightly smaller head for a traditional look. The lower handicap reviewers were impressed by the aesthetics of the club, whilst lesser players found it very forgiving. Not the cheapest, but the better players, in particular, rated it good value for money.

Ladies’ Wedges

The availability of high-quality clubs designed specifically for female golfers is somewhat limited.

Cleveland W-Series CG14

The Ladies CG14 Wedge Chrome has a “Gelback” cavity for soft responsive feel. Available in a range of lofts, reviewers found it to be a versatile club around the green, both workable and accurate.

Callaway Big Bertha Sand Wedge

The Callaway Big Bertha 2008 55-degree wedge features a large effective hitting area for consistent, improved turf interaction. All reviewers were impressed by its performance from turf and sand.

Ping Tour W

This wedge is available in several lofts and two finishes. Reviewers found it extremely versatile, with excellent forgiveness and good clubhead feel.

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