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Hybrid Rescue Golf Clubs Buyer GuideHybrid rescue golf clubs represent a great leap in golf club technology. Over the years, several technological advances have made the game easier. Cavity-backed irons offer absolution for off-centre strikes. Oversize drivers enable even average players to drive the ball adequately. The latest advance is the advent of the Hybrid Utility Rescue club, relieving lesser players of the pain of playing with long irons.

The following seeks to highlight hybrid clubs which have consistently attracted the best reviews. The clubs are listed in order of retail price, which ranges from £40 to £170.

Ben Sayers

The M8 is a quality club at the budget end of the market. With a shorter than average shaft, it will appeal to lady golfers, performing as well in tests as far more expensive clubs. It is available in lofts from 17 to 26 degrees and suitable for players of all abilities.

Ben Sayers Hybrids

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Wilson Staff

A solid all-round club, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Low to middle-handicappers can hit greens from around 200 yards, even from tricky lies. One of the most comprehensive ranges, with lofts from 15 to 27 degrees, it provides excellent value for money.

Cleveland Launcher Hybrid

The major feature of the Cleveland Launcher Hybrid was its ease of use. It allows high, quick-stopping shots and inspires confidence. Lack the power of the Cobra, but ranks a close second in reviews. It is available in lofts of 16 to 28 degrees.

Cleveland Launcher Hybrids


A great-looking club that has consistently impressed reviewers of all abilities. While high handicappers enjoy the forgiveness of the club, better players have been impressed with the ability to shape shots, as with an iron. Available lofts range from 15 to 32 degrees.

Cobra Baffler

The weight distribution of the Cobra hybrid club is low and wide, making it a perfect asset for those who struggle to hit long irons effectively. Reviews suggest, that, although relatively expensive, this club is the best currently on the market. Available in lofts from 16 to 29 degrees.

Cobra Baffler Hybrids

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Taylor Made Burner Rescue

The Taylor Made Burner has the appearance of a small-headed fairway wood and sits nicely behind the ball. A cleverly disguised offset aids the lesser player. Available in lofts from 10 to 28 degrees.

Taylor Made Hybrid Rescue


With a small head and low launch angle, the Titleist 909 H Hybrid will fail to inspire confidence in novice players. However, low handicappers will be impressed by the penetrating flight produced by the club, especially into a headwind. Definitely one for the single-figure handicapper.


Callaway’s FT Fusion technology has produced a club with a steel body and graphite crown, providing stability for off-centre strikes. It is an aesthetically pleasing, confidence-inspiring club, easy to use from tee, fairway and rough. The FT produces high-flying shots with plenty of backspin. Reviews show that it is not the most powerful club, but one of the most forgiving. Ideally suited to players with a slower swing speed, it is an excellent ladies’ club.

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