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Titleist Vokey wedges are a range of lob, gap, sand and utility wedges designed by master craftsman, Bob Vokey. Vokey wedges are widely considered to be the best in the business and are hugely popular on the USA, PGA and European Tours. They do, however, represent exceptional value for money and are within reach of a typical amateur golfer.

Titleist Vokey Wedges Models – Best UK Price

The best price found is £79.99 from Gamola Golf.

Loft and Finish

The Titleist Vokey range includes nine different lofts – from 48° to 64°, in 2° degree increments – and a range of finishes, each with its own distinct characteristics. Vokey “Oil Can” wedges, for example, feature a “rusty” finish which wears slowly over time to give each individual wedge its own unique spin characteristics. Traditional nickel chrome finished wedges such as the 200 Series, Tour Chrome, are durable yet soft and receptive. This provides an enhanced “feel” while a raw metal finish can reduce glare and help with alignment.

Bob Vokey – Golf Club Designer

Further Information

The manufacture of a Vokey “Oil Can” wedge includes a hot oil finishing process, whereby the surface of the club head is treated with a heated oxide. This coating gradually wears away with use so that it develops its own distinctive sheen. This does not however affect the performance of the wedge It provides the same level of control as Vokey chrome or raw metal wedges. Multiple bounce options and sole grinds provide consistent predictable ball flight and impact across the range. Also, spin milled grooves increase grip on the golf ball from heavy or wet lies and during partial shots. The entire range of Titleist Vokey wedges is offered with “Dynamic Gold” steel shafts from True Temper and Titleist “Victory Velvet” full cord round grips, both of which are popular with professional tour players.

What Reviewers Say

Titleist Vokey wedges have been acclaimed by professional and amateur golfers alike as “awesome”, “by far the best wedges today” and highly recommended. Amateur golfers, in particular, claim that their bunker play has improved beyond recognition by using a Vokey wedge and many who previously were unable to spin the ball at all, even on a soft receptive green, claim to now have the ball dancing around the flagstick and spinning back anything up to 10′.


Perhaps the most impressive fact about Titleist Vokey wedges is that many professionals who are not sponsored by Titleist, per se, still choose to carry a Vokey wedge. Titleist is the number one golfing equipment company in the world and few would argue that Vokey wedges continue its tradition of high quality at affordable prices. If you want to bring an extra dimension to your short game, whether you play a soft, balata ball or a harder distance ball, you may well find that a Vokey wedge is just the way to do it.

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