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stromber golf trousersStromberg Golf Trousers go from strength to strength in 2011. Here you can compare prices across golf shops to find the cheapest stromberg funky and classic golf trousers.

If you don’t already know they make exceptionally high-quality golf trousers. They are a little bit different from most golf brands in that they concentrate on one line and that’s golf trousers – and they have been doing that for over 30 years! They have always made classic golf trousers but it’s their more youthful line of stylish funky golf trousers that really catch the eye.

Stromberg Golf Trousers Best Price

The best price found is £24.79 from Golf Support.

Stromberg Golf Trousers Reviews

Stromberg Golf Trousers Video Review

If you like the classic look then you’ll want to have a good look at Stromberg Classic Golf Trousers which come in flat fronted and single pleated versions. Both look very modern while at the same time giving off a timeless classy quality. The front hip pockets are neatly cut and there’s two rear pockets which are deep and secure with a button. The specially formulated polyester and cotton mix makes them very easy to look after.

As mentioned above Stromberg Funky Golf Trousers are stylish and will appeal to the golfer looking for a touch more style than the classics. The funkies have a very comfortable cut which give and take in all the right places. The v-hem ensure that the trousers sit nicely over your golf shoes.

Stromberg also makes two types of really cool Stromberg Golf Shorts which again come in a classic and funky versions.

Traditionalists will love the Stromberg Plus Twos which offer retro plus-two golf style. No need to wear heavy tweeds though as these plus-twos are made from modern materials.

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