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Golfers playing in inclement weather will derive a great deal of use from weatherproof golf wear. It is well worth investing some effort into finding the right golf waterproofs as they are essential golf equipment. There are many brands and models available, at a variety of prices, but as with most other products, it tends to be ‘you get what you pay for.’

Types Available and Materials Used

1. Waterproof

At the top end of the price scale are 100% waterproof items. The most common material used in their construction is Goretex, which uses a porous membrane laminated between fabric layers to provide waterproofing and breathability. Ideal for use in extended periods of wet weather, all Goretex garments should come with a guarantee of usually 3 years.

2. Rainproof

Rainproof outerwear is the golfers’ second line of defence against wet weather. It is generally constructed from Teflon-coated materials. Though less expensive than 100% waterproof items, it cannot be guaranteed to keep out the wet on long periods of rain.

3. Windproof

The technical construction of windproof garments keeps out the wind while remaining breathable. Ideal for cold conditions, but seldom waterproof. Less expensive than the above items, some windproof outerwear is Teflon-treated for a degree of water resistance.


The most important feature of a waterproof golf jacket (other than keeping out the wet) must be its comfort and playability, i.e. the ability to swing correctly whilst wearing it. Good looks are also important to most players. Other desirable features are a hood, lining and a method of adjustment for a better fit. A popular, modern alternative is the short-sleeved jacket, offering less restriction than the traditional long-sleeved option.


Trousers are just as essential as any jacket or weather top. Almost all waterproof or windproof trousers have an elasticised waistline so that they can be easily worn over your golfing trousers. Some trousers will have slits instead of pockets enabling access to the pockets of your original trousers. Ideally, waterproof trouser legs should be slightly longer than usual, to prevent water running into your shoes. Purchasing trousers as part of a suit ensures the same design / material as the jacket and is usually a cheaper option.


Some type of waterproof hat is also desirable, as soaking wet hair is uncomfortable. Many inexpensive designs are available.

Most Popular Brands

All the top manufacturers have a range of golf waterproofs on the market. These include Galvin Green, Ping, Callaway and Proquip golf waterproofs, amongst a host of others. Ping waterproofs include the popular Ping suit. This is 100% waterproof (2-year guarantee), breathable and lightweight. The higher quality ranges include the Proquip Waterproof suit. It is ideal for the regular golfer, featuring adjustable Velcro fitting, concealed zip pockets for waterproof storage and a waterproofed zip to prevent leakage. Sunderland make very high quality waterproof equipment exemplified by the Sunderland Player range.

Looks, Quality and Value for Money

The Galvin Green Waterproof suits have a modern, attractive design and are one of the best-looking waterproof golf suits on the market. A host of features, including adjustable Velcro straps on both the chest and legs, makes this suit perform to the highest standard. It represents the great value for money in the current golf waterproofs market.

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