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If you are just starting out in the game of golf then you obviously don’t want to break the bank on a really expensive set of golf clubs. That’s were Mens Golf Sets come in. For around the £200 price point, and usually less, you will get 9 irons, 2 fairway woods, a putter and a golf bag. Sometimes there’s even a box of FREE golf balls thrown in to sweeten the deal!

So, what are the best mens golf sets? Well there’s really three brands that dominate the market when it comes to men’s golf sets – RAM, Wilson and Ben Sayers. There are others such as Top Flite and MD Golf and you can see them under Golf Clubs Package Sets but here we’ll concentrate of the three brands mentioned

Wilson make great value men’s golf sets for around the £200 mark. Offering a very good package which typically includes Driver, Fairway Wood, 2 Hybrid Rescue Clubs, 7 Irons, Putter and Lightweight Golf Bag. Given that you would be looking at the best part of £1000 to buy of these items separately it’s no wonder so many new golfers opt to buy a men’s golf set like this. Wilson are a very reliable high quality brand and you won’t be disappointed with one of their package sets.

Like Wilson, RAM make great value men’s golf sets. They have graphite and steel shaft options with their package sets. In a typical full set you’ll get Driver, Fairway Wood, 2 Hybrid Rescue Clubs, 7 Irons, a Putter and a lightweight stand golf bag. Not bad for under £200! All the headcovers are thrown in and it’s the brand that comes with our highest recommendation.

Ben Sayers Mens Golf Sets

Ben Sayers have been making golf clubs for an awful long time and in recent years have struggled to keep up with the big brands like Callaway, Titleist, Mizuno and Cleveland (none of which make mens package sets) but have found it easier to compete in the golf sets market. Like RAM and Wilson they offer great value mens golf sets for around the £200 mark which include Driver, 2 Fairway Woods, 7 Irons, Putter and a good lightweight golf bag.

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